Lamborghini Aventador tuning? WrapStyle is the author

Aggression is one of the characteristics of intangible assets Aventador. Or at least that’s what we thought …


Any model that comes out of the factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese portin is one which arouses admiration and respect. After all, is a Bull, right? Choose any paint color available manufacturer’s range and intimidation factor remains as strong.


We do not know if I could say the same about the copy of the pictures above, wrap the boys WrapStyle for a client in Germany. We do not know how much he liked customer Woodstock phenomenon, but we are tempted to say that much, because this psychedelic peace monument Aventador is valued.


That does not mean, of course, that we must treat him with less respect because V12 engine delivers centrally disposed still 700 horsepower. All that remains of this Lamborghini is entering the circuit and give peace … left and right.

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