Another unique Ferrari based On F12 Berlinetta: It is amazing!


Italian supercar received the name Ferrari SP America and based on F12 Berlinetta model… so offers a V12 and 740 hp. Exterior design is  inspired from  legendary Ferrari 250 GTO .


A new special project is out of the hands of the Italians at Ferrari and was recently caught on the roads of the United States. This unique Ferrari SP America is impressing in a number of inspirations taken from the legendary 250 GTO.

Despite prices at all encouraging, Division Special Projects from Ferrari seems to a lot of orders.  Only four days after the official presentation of the exclusive Ferrari F12 TRS, whose value is around 4.2 million dollars, the internet makes us acquainted with a new unique creation rolled off the assembly line in Maranello.


Named SP America, the car in question is based on supercar F12 Berlinetta, which means that propulsion is provided by a 12-cylinder aspirated unit in V and 6.3-liter capacity.

Chances that the maximum values ​​to be increased are extremely small, but the 740 horsepower and 690 Newton-Meters features of the standard version should be enough for any situation. Including acceleration from 0-100 km / h in 3.1 seconds, respectively a top speed of over 340 kilometers per hour.

Even if not surprising when it comes to technical appearance, the new single signal of Special Projects Division of the Italians at Ferrari will not go completely unnoticed, exclusive SP America standing out both by the three air intakes in the bonnet and the rear spoiler integrated into the trunk lid, both details inspired by the legendary 250 GTO.

Numerous modifications were also among the lines that make up that forms the front and rear bumper design, exterior menu continued with a second set of fresh air intakes occurred in the landscape, this time in the side wings.


Regarding the menu inside, major surprises seem to miss completely in this case, the combination of black, red and yellow here is pretty inspired, we may add.

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