Audi Q6: ASA could look rival for Audi Coupe X6 and GLE

Impressed by the success of the BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE Coupe move inspired by the Germans from Audi preparing a counterattack.


And even if the news in this regard are lacking at the moment, not even have to be a genius to realize that it is almost imminent arrival of Q6.

Opened the BMW X6 after more than seven years and subsequently experienced and Acura ZDX – albeit without much success, for the SUV segment continues to arouse fantasy Coupe car manufacturers.



Thus, after more solemn promises, movies and spy photos, Germans from Mercedes finally arrived with a model for SAC (Sports Activity Coupe), the new Coupe is expected GLE for sale, to the delight of customers before the end of 2015. and even if nothing is official at this time, sooner or later the puzzle will be whole and Audi Q6, the rivalry between the three major German automobile manufacturers you will be taken to a new level, unprecedented until now.



How will rival from Ingolstadt duo of BMW X6 and Mercedes Coupe GLE remains an unanswered question real, most impatient by nature is in turn help the virtual world in order to imagine this.

Powered by Theophilus Chin, “prototype” in question is based on the latest generation Q7 SUV, the back still receiving some changes to the German model segment can join the SAC (Sports Activity Coupe).



It remains to be seen how much will approach this digital creative end result, but something tells us that between future Q6 and Q7 last there will be a similar relationship in terms of style, such as the A6 Sedan and A7 Sportback between.

It is also expected that the two cars share and Audi engine range, from Ingolstadt to rival duo of BMW X6 and Mercedes Coupe GLE will thus be supplied with a variety of engines.

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