BIMOTA heap SOME MORE horsepower under the hood of PEUGEOT RCZ R

The most desirable model of Peugeot received an upgrade from a motorcycle manufacturer. The result is even more desirable.

Bimota May lumps some horsepower under the hood of the Peugeot RCZ R.

The strongest current Peugeot range has just been taken in the viewfinder of a motorcycle manufacturer.



Bimota presented Moto Fair Verona, a special version of the RCZ R, baptized PB104 – where the letters are the initials of the two producers, “1” indicates the number of copies made, and “04” refers to the number of wheels of the vehicle.

The figures do not appear in their name are those that make us to be very, very curious: 3.0 and 4, which released fix this order, refer to the engine output.


1.6 THP engine power has increased from 271-304 horsepower from a lightweight intervention – was remapped ECU and exhaust system were replaced and blow-off valve.

At the same time, received four disc brakes with a diameter of 380 mm, while the suspension was lowered by 10 mm.


The interior received treatment with Alcantara and some necessary items such as places for headphones, two GoPro cameras and a 7-inch diagonal display placed in the passenger, which is probably the worst constantly reminds Leu from Sochaux just got worse.

We still wonder why we do not see more RCZ’s on our streets.

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