BMW enters the game plug-in hybrid propulsion with no less than 680 hp

Germans from BMW already working on hybrid plug-in technologies that will trigger the very near future, the 3 Series sedan. However, the Bavarians started a hybrid powertrain that goes much less electricity and hand over to the internal combustion engine.

BMW enters the game plug-in hybrid propulsion with no less than 680 CPBMW enters the game plug-in hybrid propulsion with no less than 680 hp

BMW 3 Series, the best-selling model of the Bavarian brand will soon be equipped with a plug-in hybrid powertrain that combines a gasoline engine with an electric motor.

For now, the model to be offered for sale is in the prototype stage, but technical information have already been published. Specifically, we are talking about a combined maximum power of around 245 hp and a maximum torque of about 400 Nm combined.


Most likely, plug-in hybrid technology will come with 3-Series facelift applied.

All power goes to the rear wheels and the driver shall have an automatic gearbox eight-speed Steptronic, like any other BMW with automatic transmission, though.
The BMW 3 Series batteries future plug-in hybrid will be loaded even from a household outlet. Also, for the first 100 km run after the batteries have been fully charged, the average consumption is 2 l / 100 km and carbon dioxide emissions are 50 g / km.


Near the selector lever will be eDrive button that starts running 100% electric mode.

The interesting part is that the car can run on 100% electric mode up to speeds of 120 km, while autonomy in this way is not exactly impressive 35 km.
In addition to plug-in hybrid system for the 3 Series Sedan, BMW working on a hybrid system called Power eDrive, which promises a maximum power of 680 hp and reaches the Bavarian manufacturer’s serial machines in a more distant future

Power eDrive system prototype was presented in a 5 Series GT.

The Germans say they will focus on the electricity and the batteries will be used twice roomier than now.

Basically, two thirds of the power supplied by the electric motor, and a third comes from an internal combustion engine that uses TwinPower Turbo technology.

Thus, BMW hopes to provide a range of up to 100 km in electric mode, while the combustion engine will play a generator or battery power, in some cases, will move the front wheels.

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