BMW M3 Sedan by Kaege

A good pair of wheels completely change the look of a car, especially when it is served in the company of a suspension lower.



Case study today, a BMW M3 Sedan F80 series. Pure aggression.

That inspires the next generation of the BMW M3 Sedan, regardless of the angle from which it is viewed.



Bavarian car high performance projections and details abound in oversized tuning companies put on the shoulders of an extremely difficult task.

How you can improve it a F80? Well, here’s the answer: a pair of BBS CH-R 20-inch shod with Michelin Pilot Supersport in size 255/30 R20 or 285/30 R20 is the ideal choice, as exemplified and Germans from Kaegi .



That started. Not the other, but should not miss any wonderful invention of landscape known as “adjustable coilover suspension” – KW Clubsport model 3, preferably – to “sweeten” the situation further.



Both in terms of aesthetic and technical. An increase in the maximum up to a total of 517 horsepower and 700 lb-ft completes the work of the Kaegi, while carbon fiber inserts appeared in the two front seats or rear seat is a bonus.

A very interesting and pleasant bonus … As a result, that being said, here are the sums written on the bill of German tuner: 2.949 euro for wheels, suspension Euro 4.199, 2.799 EUR performance package and not Finally, 1,499 euros for interior accents made of carbon fiber.

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