Four-door Renault Megane small Talisman

Rarely, we saw a car manufacturer to introduce many new models in a relatively short time span than that Renault is doing. Eight cars, the French claimed the past eighteen years, excluding the new Megane Sedan. Renault has become the youngest range on the market and hopefully that sales figures to see.

As expected

The Megane sedan is quite as you expected him to be: a smaller brother of the Talisman . There is a separate line in the hips, but much more character you should not hope for as a customer. On the inside there is, moreover, no difference at all, except as regards the suitcase. Since 508l can.

Not to us

A compact sedan in our region unpopular. You also do not have to run to the dealer if you want an instant. You will have to descend to such countries as Ireland, Poland and Turkey. Since the exterior shape is popular and he is also in the catalog.

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