FXX K IS NEW TOY WITH 1050 hp for FERRARI lovers filthy rich

Ferrari introduced the latest product circuit, based on the platform of LaFerrari and baptized FXX K. Here’s what it …

K FXX is the new toy, with 1050 hp, Ferrari lovers rotten bogaţiFXX K is the new toy, with 1050 hp, Ferrari lovers filthy rich.
We suspect that many owners have paid LaFerrari pay any and all purchases must be purchased to hold as part of their impressive collections.



But there are fans who Prancing Horse Ferrari circuit means adrenaline. Ferrari has not forgotten these people just gave them the ultimate toy circuit: FXX K.

Based on the platform of LaFerrari, FXX K is 194 millimeters longer, 59 mm wider and 87 hp more powerful. 6.3-liter V12 has received 60 units of extra power (over whom you have LaFerrari 800), while electric adjuvant has climbed to 190 horsepower (from 163 hp). The result – 1,050 horsepower and 900 Newton meters.


HY-KERS system (from which comes suspect that the initial “K” in the name) has four modes, you can change the Manettino: Qualify (for maximum performance timeshare) Long Run (for performance optimization more tours), Manual Boost (maximum torque for instant delivery) and fast Charge (for faster recharging of the batteries).

Design – which we can not say that reminds us of machines SF – has been studied in detail, each change being made to improve air circulation when FXX K is moved.


The lower lip of the front of the machine is 30 mm closer to the ground, while the moveable tail fin in the tail is flanked by two fixed parts.

Consequently, all the tricks engineering have led to a higher downforce by 50% compared with that of LaFerrari, FXX K with a downforce of 540 kg at 200 km / h. FXX K is shod with Pirelli P-slick Zero, ceramic brakes from Brembo and an electronic traction control (with an electronic differential) calibrated so as to remove all the best of adhesion.


Unfortunately, performance figures are not made public, but an acceleration 0-100 km / h in less than 3 seconds is quite credible, how and maximum speed of over 320 km / h is quite feasible.

As expected from an FXX, K is not approved for public roads. Moreover, officials have said they will not ever be used in competitions.

They noted, however, that it is “uncompromising” and that “incorporates technological innovations that guarantee a unique driving experience.” One that brand fans – for whom money is not a problem – it will find the program provided by Ferrari.

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