Galpin Auto Sports goes crazy with Mustang. The result is Rocket

In terms of changes, Galpin Auto Sports just showed us what a Mustang went to the extreme. And the name fits him perfectly: Rocket.
Galpin Auto Sports Mustang makes his head. It follows RocketGalpin Auto Sports Mustang makes his head. It follows Rocket.



The youngest pony car from Ford has received, as expected, increased attention to several workshops tuning, with results more or less convincing.

Then came the spotlight Galpin-Fisker Rocket, in Los Angeles Auto Show, and all other attempts seem child’s play.


The project was developed by Galpin Auto Sports with Henrik Fisker. Yes, that Henrik Fisker, who, in addition to Karma, worked and BMW Z8, Aston Martin DB9 DB8 and. And all expertise is readily apparent to the Rocket.


Based on a Ford Mustang, Galpin and Fisker have replaced each panel of the body with some carbon fiber (only the doors and roof remained the standard car) you have modeled for added drama. A big plus, in fact, if we look at forms of Rocket.

There was no mention of how the machine weakened after treatment with carbon fiber, but we know that the 5.0-liter V8 under the hood produces 735 horsepower. And has six-speed manual gearbox.


No performance figures have not been made public (yet), but that is called by its creators Rocket “muscle car american supreme” should be a good indication that he has enough tricks up his sleeve.

And now, the biggest surprise: the price. Rocket will have a label of “about $ 100,000” (€ 80.500). Hm. Jaguar F-Type R Coupe (V8, 550 hp) costs € 89.500 … excl. If you do not want necessarily V8 then there are alternative BMW M4 in this price.

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