The new Ford GT motoring press took all by surprise when he was its world premiere at the Detroit Motor Show 2015.

All-New Ford GT


It seemed to come out of nowhere, for no one knew anything about this model car emblematic of the brand that brought the assembly line in series.

All-New Ford GT


So how did they do that in a world where almost all new models are disclosed even months before? We answer below.
How did the new Ford GT secretly take 18 months time?

The Ford GT is a nice car, which left me with my mouth open when I saw him for the first time.

All-New Ford GT


But how is it that no one knew anything about this supercar delicious until launch day of the Detroit Auto Show?

It is well known by everyone that nowadays most new models are disclosed on the Internet (intentionally or not) even months before the world premiere.

All-New Ford GT


An example is the second generation BMW X6, which was presented online in June 2014 after which enjoyed its world premiere at Paris Motor Show 2014 – four months later.
So how did those from Ford to launch an old school? The answer is quite simple, as Americans learned from Autoblog: they have done in the basement, away from the world.

All-New Ford GT

More specifically, in the basement of the building in which it is established Ford Product Development Center (Product Development Center, PDC) in Dearborn, Michigan, USA.
According to Christopher Svensson, Ford design director for America and primarily responsible for the new GT, access to secret rooms were allowed only a handful of people – two managers and four designers design, each with a special card.

Moray Callum, head Svensson’s global vice president of design and Ford, said that there were times when they needed to see the car in sunlight.

In these cases, the GT was driven out, but only on Sundays, because when the building was almost empty.
After 18 months of work in secret, the result was shown the world Ravis in Detroit and specialized press was obviously taken aback.

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