HOW MUCH FOR YOUR PATIENCE? The story of the most expensive ever sold BMW i8

A US customer really wanted to go as fast as it can hold a BMW i8.


And the fact that he accepted the “offer” dealer makes us wonder if BMW is the biggest fan in the world …
How much patience you? This is the story of the most expensive ever sold BMW i8.
A customer in California never bear the thought that it is the first to get the new BMW i8. So did would make any man whose patience is not necessarily one of the virtues that brags asked those at Irvine BMW dealer to make an offer to be placed before the queue.
Irvine BMW has complied and added an “adjustment transaction” $ 100,000. Not the first time you hear probably “privilegialitate fee”, but perhaps it is the first time you hear it is about 60% of the machine.

Copy worth 147,450 dollars client initially going after “adjustment” to $ 247.450. A seller has just obtained a considerable fee …

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