JAGUAR XJ220 pay a visit at Vilner tuner

Jaguar XJ220 ought to be self revelation of the end of the twentieth century, but it was not the success hoped for British Jaguar.



The case was essentially waiving mounted V12 engine concept for a series V6 version. However, the British athlete may return heads on the street today.
Jaguar XJ220 visit the Bulgarians from VilnerJaguar XJ220 visit the Bulgarians from Vilner

Jaguar XJ220 supercar British held at a time, the title of the fastest car in the world, but was dethroned fast enough rocket on four wheels called McLaren F1.



Of course, we are talking about cars built in the 90s, when auto interiors were not the same as today in terms of quality.
But nothing, because Bulgarians from Vilner know something about Chapter passenger car (have an example here and another one here).

So they took an old XJ220 and turned them into something more acceptable within the XXIst century.


Leather, leather and leather.
It’s too much for our tastes brown, but we must admit that, at least in pictures, looks like a job for ten grade in quality.

Cam could be any leather was leather – from chairs and up on board and chairs – what should thank the British who created the machine after more than 20 years.

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