JEEP WRANGLER get some accessories that has no need

You can say whatever you want about the Jeep Wrangler four-door from Underground AV, but you can not say “it’s a Jeep thing”.


Every time it comes a news about Wrangler this starts bring back  memories of off-road experience.



Also, whenever we talk about Wrangler, we are speaking in the context of off-road abilities. That happened, at least until now.

The guys at AV Underground Florida have thought to create a Wrangler to steal your eyes, no matter how many cars are around him.



Copy of the picture – a four-door Wrangler in its essence – was denied doors and accessorized just like people who live in constant Baywatch would accessorize.



They shod with 26-inch wheels (14 inches wide). And if you take into account the tires “off-road” (and did not take them as, because you’ve never seen it before), you get 37-inch wheel diameter.

The machine should be present at SEMA 2014 but the tire manufacturer failed to timely deliver special order.

Probably half the time were scratched his head and wondered if anyone really wants an order with these specifications …

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