Lamborghini Aventador With a PURe tuning !!!

Although Gallardo’s successor already started to steal all the attention of potential customers for Lamborghini Aventador that does not mean that Aventador does not have part of love. And it’s PURe love.


Canadians know how to modify cars. At least that’s what we understood when we saw a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster pictures that went through the hands of specialists from PUR Wheels, headquartered in Vancouver.

White wonder from Sant’Agata Bolognese got a brand new set of wheels (21-inch on rear and 20-inch in front) so that asphalt roads could be considered now train tracks.

If it could talk,  we think the first words would be “I eat you alive!”

And because the people of Canada are known for their calm, Italian roadster has received an aerodynamic kit consists of a spoiler, a carbon fiber skirt front bumper and a set of side skirts all made of carbon fiber.
With the exception of black stripes on the hood, we think we are dealing with one of the most decent tuning work for Lambo Aventador.

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