In autumn, the Paris Motor Show saw the launch of the new Land Rover Discovery Sport, but only now the manufacturer has organized the first official test for the international media.



Appearance of the new model marks a milestone in the history of 66 years of Land Rover and also references career end Freelander model.

The appearance of this model means the marketing of the new SUV versatile 5 + 2-seater configuration.

Land Rover Discovery Sport, test first contactLand Rover Discovery Sport, test first contact
Land Rover Discovery Sport is a model that replaces the Freelander, a car that is geared more towards the asphalt, but that does not mean he has not gone through all the tests that give repute: before launch, the car was tested for 18 months while the difficult conditions in more than 20 countries over 272,000 km at temperatures of from -37 degrees to +51 degrees.


The machine is manufactured in the factory in England awarded in Halewood, Liverpool and internal name is L550.
The site chosen by the British to test the new Discovery Sport was Iceland, a land surrounded by snow and cold, moisture and … more adventure. I have given two full days to realize just what can the new model.

Discovery Sport is the latest SUV from Land Rover class that wants to develop distinct body has elements reminiscent of the design direction introduced by the British in 2011 and although it is a Discovery and we expect to bring to the model Currently, well Discovery Range Rover Sport is a lot like that … part of the family and go to the new design trend.



If  Evoque was the car that took the most awards for design, we expect Discovery Sport is a car that will be closer to his brother’s record, especially since the two not only resemble in appearance but also in technology.

Still trying to differentiate between families, representing each his own architecture: luxury is defined by the range Range Rover, 4×4 passion is family and dual functionality Discovery, Defender future family.


For the family, yes, but an active one. Who wants a bicycle tour on the ice near the Arctic Circle?
Attractive body elements are coupled with excellent visibility and a generous interior space for passengers and luggage for a large family, being a defining word for availability inside this machine.


The team that worked on the new Discovery Sport was concerned and its versatility which makes it the premium, but not “precious”.

Monocoque body construction is a combination of steel and aluminum, extremely robust and flexible at the same time, and thanks to these materials is considered by experts as the easiest British in its class. Hood, roof, front fenders and tailgate are made of aluminum to further reduce the weight of the machine.

At launch, the car will be equipped with two engines, one petrol 2 liters, which develops 240 hp and one diesel, the 2.2 liter turbo diesel with two power levels – 150 hp and 190 hp respectively, for the couple these engines are the same, namely 420 Nm.


For freaks economy this year will see a new highly efficient turbo diesel engine with CO2 emissions of just 119 g / km and fuel consumption reduced. As the Evoque, store-speed automatic gearbox 9, and a 6-speed mechanical box.

Let us not forget, however, that before any car is a Land Rover. And when you say Land Rover 4×4 technology mean the highest quality.

I had the opportunity to test drive on ice, gravel, snow, steep or slippery slopes full of rocks, mud and ditches, but every time Discovery Sport performed excellent without losing torque.

Although it is thought to behave well on asphalt, to note is that water can enter up to 600 mm and can climb a slope of 45 degrees.

Is sufficient ground clearance and approach angle of 25 degrees protects the car body to avoid being scratched during use on rough terrain.
Type selection field running machine is similar to that in other Land Rover models. 4×4 technology package includes all components of own technologies Land Rover: Hill Descent Control (HDC), which maintains the machine speed on steep slopes, Gradient Release Control (GRC), which gradually releases the brakes when you put the car in motion a plan inclined Wade Sensing, Roll Stability Control (RSC), which detects an imminent rollover and selectively applies the brakes to stabilize the car wheels, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), which corrects over- and understeer reducing engine torque and / or applying the brakes to the wheels individually, Electronic Traction Control (ETC), which reduces torque and brakes the wheels to prevent slippage, engine Drag Control (EDC), which controls the wheels from locking when the driver brakes emergency icy conditions, increasing torque to the wheels affected .


Basically, even if you have little experience in off-road car will do our best to get safely to the destination, regardless of the difficulty dirt road beneath you, or even when it is lacking.
Of the many options and the latest generation gadgets to note is the introduction of the new model of head-up display system that uses laser technology with which is projected on the windshield of important parameters driving the car.

In short, this system allows the driver to know exactly how it moves (including navigation data) while keeping his eyes fixed on the road. Also offered more storage space, four 12V sockets and 6 USB ports, which enables charging electronics for any of the seats in the car.
The car comes to market with four trim levels: S, SE, HSE and HSE Luxury.

From SE 2nd row seats allow 60-40 modulation type (rear seat can be folded and 40% or 60% depending on the requirements of transport luggage). 2nd row seats can slide front to back, to encourage more rear passenger space.

Even for a passenger of 1.92 m high, the trip can be comfortable knee space can reach maximum 112 mm and 101 mm leg room, similar to the Range Rover.

Alternatively, luggage space increases from 829 to 981 l l through modulation. Basically, a family with two adults and two to three children will feel at ease in the Discovery Sports.

1.92 meters at the mine, I sat comfortably on the driver’s seat. Head space was still enough!

In conclusion, the new model ticks all I had checked in terms of expectations: Looks good on the road, knows enough off-road, more than will use its owners, is surprisingly versatile and spacious.

Finally, the package technology is impressive, and the quality of materials increased significantly from what we have seen so far from Land Rover at this price level.

In short: Land Rover has announced a winner in this car. Hard to find any fault!