Lexus LF-C2 Concept confirms once again the strong Japanese design

Almost did not need another concept was to show us how bold are Japanese from Lexus when it comes to cars. But that does not mean their cars stopped to let us open-mouthed. Meet the LF-C2 Concept.

Lexus LF-C2 Concept confirms once again the strong character  Japonese design.

We could list all the models that have made us wonder how they drank sake designers to put above the floor before drawing – not that drunk, but we think that usually drink makes you brave.



But that would mean – with Exception raised by LS and possibly GS – all current generation models.

But now we’ll focus on RC Coupé, for it seems to be one of the sources of inspiration for LF-C2 Concept. In fact, going to the source, we can not mention the concept LF-LC, Lexus coupe that made us believe that Series 4 or 5 are toy cars.


LF-C2 Concept wants to show “what we are planning when it comes to the design direction,” says Jeff Bracken, head of US Lexus. OK, so you plan to make car that intimidates by their appearance. Good to know …


From the looks of the new models, we can almost perceive it as a model LF-C2 series – no bright interior does not seem to be unattainable – the only thing that prevents us from seeing it already as a successor to iS Convertible is the lack of a roof.

LF-C2 Concept is an open-air all the time, does not have a system capotare. At least for now.