Mini came with full accessories at Essen show

Performance division of the MINI John Cooper Works, has launched a catalog full of interesting products for which they want to improve British car. Most products can now be admired in JCW booth at Essen 2014 in Germany.


John Cooper Works Tuning program that is now receiving customization MINI cars and more diverse. And it’s not just the visual accessories or comfort, but performance, ie speed, stability and manvrare.



The word “TUNING” appearing opposite John Cooper Works UK demonstrates the brand’s desire to start a customization of their models and more aggressive, but also, and more fun and entertaining.

More than ever, offer specific customization British brand plays an increasingly important role. For sporting enthusiasts who want to improve, but also to highlight the behavior of specific agile new MINI with three and five doors, there are now products John Cooper Works tuning, designed specifically for these two models.


New components that can be installed in service, transmission, aerodynamics and interior will have its world premiere during the 2014 edition of the Motor Show in Essen.

Tuning in the international exhibition, which will be held between November 29 and December 7, 2014 at the exhibition center Grugapark, MINI will present the new range of original accessories, differentiated and three “character design”.

The cars of VW dealerships in Germany remained without wheels World premiere: John Cooper Works Tuning for the new MINI John Cooper Works logo is a clear sign indicating that defines passion for motorsport and the new MINI.


Tuning products bearing the brand name allowing an increase performance and add a touch of sporty image.

They are precisely tailored to the character of the new MINI, and their qualities are based on decades of experience in motorsport behind John Cooper Works brand.

The famous sports car designer John Cooper Mini recognized the potential for sports performance and created in collaboration with Alec Issigonis, Cooper and Cooper S models first had to define these sports history of the brand and to write such famous rally legend in Monte Carlo.

MINI Cooper S three-door 2014 edition presented at the Essen Motor Show is fitted with a John Cooper Works Tuning Kit for improving engine power, which includes a controllable flap exhaust silencer.


This ensures that the MINI Cooper S sporty temperament is perfectly reflected in terms of sound featuring two modes: Sport and Track. The last of these, “Track Mode” is exclusively designed circuits because they provide strong tonal.

Optimizer John Cooper Works model is completed by finishing exposed tailpipes carbon, air intakes all John Cooper Works Carbon, as well as John Cooper Works wheels 18 inch alloy rims and design “cross spoke “Jet Black color.

Complete offer John Cooper Works Tuning accessories, includes a number of options for improving the performance, all tested on several tracks, including the famed Nürburgring – the power and torque available Kit for MINI Cooper S (3 to 5 doors).

This improves the overall performance of the engine lifting power to 155 kW / 211 hp (from 141 kW / 192CP) and 300 Nm (from 280 Nm). The added performance is provided in the context of consumption and emissions comparable figures according to EU consumption measurement cycle. – John Cooper Works sports chassis.

This is only available in 3-door version and provides improved agility and handling model that is installed.


The Prem height adjustment between 10 mm and 30 mm for the center of gravity change depending on road conditions. The package stands out visually by red springs set for the front suspension. – John Cooper Works aerodynamic kit. – John Cooper Works brake kit.

Three range of John Cooper Works Pro, Vivid Green, Blue Speedwell Since the launch, alongside classic customization options, new generation of MINI customers are offered personalized range of accessories called “character design”: John coperate Works Pro, Vivid Green and Blue Speedwell.

They are very different in style – John Cooper Works Pro is a sporty approach, Vivid Green is bright, funky and outgoing, and Speedwell Blue follows a classic and elegant line, taking the name of a color shades Classic Mini models. For each range aims to design a unified approach, each accessory taking the graphic language of the range.

It offers a wide range of accessories: from the special cover for the key to the wheels of special design; children in strollers in custom colors, exterior sticker.

At the Essen Motor Show will present two models, one benefiting from accessories John Cooper Work Pro, the other by Vivid Green. Athlete unmistakable: design line John Cooper Works Pro accessories new design John Cooper Works Pro is the perfect way of expressing the potential of sport.


The car shown at the Essen is equipped with John Cooper Works rear spoiler and rear diffuser Pro John Cooper Works Pro with splitters and side air intakes which help improve the car’s aerodynamic properties.

The dynamic look is complemented by other exterior accessories package design John Cooper Works Pro, which include covers for mirrors, custom decor elements side flags, decorative rings for headlights and taillights Black Line, checkered flag sticker on decorative roof and side set with checkered flag design and home number 37, the same number of the car crew Paddy Hopkirk / Henry Liddon that get first win in 1964 Mini Rally Monte Carlo.

Inside, the sporty image is underscored by John Cooper Works Pro thresholds with LED lights, mats and sun visors Pro John Cooper Works John Cooper Works Pro for rear side windows and rear window. Also available cap keychain John Cooper Works Pro in the same design language.

Fresh Accents adapted style: Vivid Green design line at Essen Motor Show 2014 will be given a 3-door model MINI Vivid Green, with award-winning design elements 2014 iF product design.

This accessory provides a fresh and youthful, attractive green lines green on a black background. The combination presented at Essen include graphics roof and side stripes, custom decor elements and side turn signal mirror covers – all in style Vivid Green.

Distinguished interior illuminated entry sills, interior rearview mirror cover, textile mats, sunshades for rear side windows elements and bezel, and a universal protective cover in the same style.

Vivid Green selection of accessories includes mini junior chair – available in three different versions to suit the child’s height, floor mats “all-weather” key cap and keychain.

The rich range of original accessories Near these two cars, MINI will present at the Motor Show in Essen in 2014, numerous other program Original MINI Accessories.

For example, will present a selection of ever richer alloy wheels, caps and stickers for mirrors roof. Additional headlights are a classic accessory now available for the new MINI.

Features such as the Travel & Comfort or brackets and adapters for smartphones and music players provide model-specific functionality optimized, secure communication and an improved infotainment.


Participation in Essen demonstrates unparalleled variety of Original MINI Accessories range.

It covered every detail of the car: from a variety of stickers roof to tire valve caps designs available checkered flag or Union Jack color or black and white;  child seats from the engine tuning kit.

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