MINI will offer a 5-door 1.2 Turbo engine of 75 hp

It seems as premium brands have made and lessons learned from low-cost producers such as Dacia : customers looking earnestly not huge powers will low prices and economic drivers.

Mini-2015-New -Model2-


MINI adhere to this trend and is to launch 5-door version equipped with 1.2 Turbo petrol engine.

For now though, things are going to change and will follow a more affordable model.

It’s the MINI One First, a 5-door hatchback that will take only a 1200 cc engine, gasoline.


First One will be under the hood 1.2 Turbo engine with three pistons in line, direct injection and Double-VANOS.

The power is 75 hp and torque is 150 Nm. According to official data, this entry-level model will have a reduced consumption of only 5.2 liters in mixed case, but as performing small engine.

That is until 13.4 seconds to 100 km / h and a top speed of 166 km / h. But CO2 emissions are low, perhaps as this was one of the goals brand: just 122 grams per kilometer.

Car of the cheapest and offer new MINI will be on sale starting March this year.

It will come as standard with a new manual transmission made by the British, specially designed to increase fuel efficiency, but also to contribute to a reduced greutare car.

The engine of 1.2 liters is the seventh which is available for a manufacturer’s range 5 doors, joining the three petrol and three diesel those with power up to 192 hp.

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