Mr. Bean sold his car, a McLaren F1 which can be up to 10 million

Mr. Bean, that British actor Rowan Atkinson, has just announced the personal collection of favorite car, a 1996 McLaren F1, will be offered for sale.

McLaren F1

McLaren last of its kind that appeared in a market later sold for a huge amount:  5 million euro.

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2013 Rowan Atkinson does not need any introduction.

Having shot series Mr. Bean, British actor had enough money in 1997 to buy a copy of the McLaren F1, the most expensive car at the time, for the sum of 640,000 pounds.

Now that the car odometer shows 41,000 miles on it, the actor has decided to sell.

A very interesting thing, if we think that only 100 copies were ever made F1 and of these only 63 were standard, with specifications of the road.

McLaren F1 is perhaps the rarest modern car which is on the market for all those who own a copy also will not get rid of it.

The value of this model increases from year to year, and if 10 years ago such cars sold prices exceeding 1 million pounds, now the price has skyrocketed.

The last such F1 was auctioned for $ 14 million dollars at Pebble Beach last year.

A car which did not have an owner so famous as Mr.Bean.

Therefore, after a year, McLaren F1 appearance this market is a major international event.

And certainly collectors eager to get their hands on Mr. Bean’s car.

Especially it has a purple color that was present in only a few copies made.

Who knows such details “must” remind you that F1 has a 627 hp naturally aspirated V12 engine, with which this car has many years title of fastest production car in the world, reaching 386 km / h.

The intention to sell the car and showed it in a magazine interview Goodwood Road and Racing: “I bought the car for quality time and thought behind it.

Now it has become a thing of value, so it is time for someone else to enjoy it, “said Rowan Atkinson.

Most likely, this well maintained copy will be auctioned at the event at Goodwood Festival of Speed in England.

And undoubtedly, the price paid for Mr. Bean’s car will reach record amounts.

Although in the past, the actor had two pretty bad accident that left them out of pocket about 1.7 million pounds to repair.

The last such accident occurred even in 2013 and the car was finished in 2014 with a bill of £ 910,000.

No wonder, his annual insurance is £ 60,000 / year … So if somehow you have the money, get ready for a special purchase.

Not every day is put on sale a McLaren F1, again owned by a famous actor who made us laugh since childhood.

Over several years, definitely value of this copy will be even greater.

And when Rowan Atkinson will not be among us, the price will definitely continue to grow.

However, such a machine, perhaps the most extreme and well designed car of all time, it pays to always stay on the street, run by a passionate.

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