Nissan Juke 2014

Absolutely crazy cars that are sold today can be counted on the fingers of one hand.



And undoubtedly the strangest and most hilarious creation is Nissasn Juke.

Now, now in its second generation which is actually a minor facelift.

Even so, although it is already a few years old model, there are few people who were not used to this design.



Why? If you ask what is the difference between the first Juke and this, I will say that I have no idea.

The facelift is so subtle that you must remove the magnifying glass to see the differences. In fact, they do not matter anyway because this model is itself a freak.



And the engineers at Renault-Nissan had little makes them walk subtle than optical elements, the spoilers and a few trinkets from the inside.

Instead, Juke Juke remained the same.

What however is sufficient for most or even too much as an infusion of horseradish or a shot of Absinthe on empty heart.

I asked many people and I answered that they feel very ugly this car.

As not understand. 6 car headlights in front, disproportionate, squeezed like a beetle, that seems a cap of green phosphorescent sold in fairs, is too cry, it is not normal.

There are many who think that about Juke. There are many who say the Juke is a project miscarried.

But the fact that a car fails to stir controversy, whether negative and it is a great thing.

I do not think I ever heard disputes and heated discussions about the design of a Renault Megane, for example.

Well and how to translate it? In some extremely good, we think.

When you realize such a car, do it with a clear conscience that you made the best choice.

When you put a showroom Juke aware that you do is a double-edged challenge.

When started selling Nissan Juke will divide all the audience knew that in two: some will love it, others will curse.

But this proved to be a good choice: those who appreciate madness seems to have been more than those who snort.

And this is a very trivial explanation. When they realized Juke model engineers neck gave a “six-pack” of Sake and have started working.

Front wanted to make her look like a samurai smiling drunk and managed.

They peeked least Fiat Multipla car that was able to mix your thoughts in the 90s, and got a girl with six individual optical blocks: boomerang-shaped lights up on the hood, front bumper and round headlamps on projectors something below.

If until now you have not seen in a Juke night rearview mirror, Fog, with all lit, we tell you: you feel like coming train.

But most put on drink and entertainment were interior designers.

What were mistaken center console with a motorcycle.

From where to where, do not know that Nissan seems not produce motorcycles …

But that’s what they say and I think: instead of the front seats has been specially designed to take you thinking of a motor hull.

Where exchanger, the motorcycle tank. Wherever you look inside, nothing is as it should, nothing is conventional.

Ornaments yellow board clocks with visor, chrome door handles and black trim full of yellow stitching.

The message is clear: the interior is designed for people young and full of life, is not for the elderly and boring.

Even the climate controls and the board of computerlui are common, but separate functions, depending on what you choose.

Well, this trait was and Juke vehicle … Now draw the line and try to explain why Juke is an interesting choice.

Because it is unique in the world.

Do not think the Nissan showroom, a salesperson a jump mouth a father or a grown man with children by the hand to try to sell a Juke.

This car is for a different kind of customer. It is for a young customer who wants to be different.

And how can you stand out in all this rain dull and identical cars, like special ordered in unison in metallic gray color, if not a Juke?

Nissan has made this car for those who love life and live it stings, for those who want to arouse in traffic smiles and sighs, for those who contribute to the evolution of our country, for those who voted Johannis and want to make a change .

The car’s engine was tested 1.2-liter DIG-T 115 hp. Traction was just the face. Amenities were plenty.

And he pretty steep price, at 22,294 Euro. But none of these things do not matter.

As you do not get a Juke that is economical and comfortable. You take it because you’re different and do something different.

If the first thing you ask the representative consumer concerns about Juke car is not for you. It’s like buying an off-road buggy and wonder if coffee has support. Juke is one. Juke not buy Juke feels.

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