Opel prepares a large SUV based on Cadillac SRX

Opel will have the range a large SUV with premium valences from 2019, GM announced CEO, Mary Barra. SUV would be based on the upcoming Cadillac SRX, but technical solutions used are still a mystery

2012 Cadillac SRX


Opel will launch a large SUV in 2019, GM announced its CEO, Mary Barra. Built in Rüsselsheim, Germany, the SUV should put issues including cars in the premium segment, is thought to compete successfully with the Volvo XC90, Audi Q7 or BMW X5 at a lower price.
Americans believe that Opel should have a second flagship Insignia apart from that sold quite well in many countries, but still suffers because of brand image volume, despite rapidly improving engine performance and transmissions and interior top of their class.

For this reason, a premium SUV valence would help the brand to evolve coherent entry into the third decade of the XXI century.


An SUV greater than the current Ampera, with lush interior and premium technology, based on the Cadillac SRX .
Surprisingly, the new SUV will be based on the Insignia’s platform, but one Cadillac that will be used for the first time the next generation of Cadillac SRX.

We emphasize that it’s not the current SRX’s platform, which is the best selling model of the brand in the US, but one totally new.

The current platform is one type Theta-Epsilon, with elements taken from both platforms GM, prepared one for compact SUVs, and other vehicles for middle class.

As such, the SRX’s road behavior is very good on asphalt, but not off-road valences.Opel-suv-3
Although most cars Cadillac will have rear-wheel drive, the SRX will have front-wheel drive, four-wheel drive completed in option.

That would be more in line with the preferences of Europeans, but it will position the new Opel SUV in an area less sporty than BMW and Mercedes-Benz offers.

The new Opel SUV Antara will be greater than, and more luxurious than Zafira future, to be assembled on a platform in collaboration with PSA.

Inside the current SRX, considered “luxury” to Americans, it’s only quasi-premium European standards.
Speaking of the 2019, the new SUV will certainly future advanced driver assistance, working code “Super Cruise”. This mode allows driving on the highway without the driver to be forced to keep their hands off the wheel or pushing pedals will only drive traffic to the destination set at a predetermined rate.

Also, the engines developed in Europe will certainly be different from those used in America, particularly because emissions standards more stringent and higher taxes on displacement.
To enable the development of new models, 245 million euros will be invested in the Opel plant in Rüsselsheim, said Mary Barra same occasion of his visit to Germany.

The future SUV will become the flagship of Opel, possibly even a greater extent than replacement Insignia.
In addition, Barra announced additional investment of over half a billion euros in engines and transmissions factories in Rüsselsheim, Kaiserslautern (both in Germany) and Tychy (Poland), giving Opel a boost to move to the next stage of the offensive propulsion systems, engines and transmissions efficient in terms of consumption.
There are investments that were expected in Germany, the Americans were criticized repeatedly that Opel used only as a source of technology and development without investing enough in relation to the benefits they receive from the German engineers.

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