Porsche 988, the ultimate project to rival Ferrari 458 Italia and McLaren 650S




The Porsche future supercar will have an 8-piston boxer engine power will be around 610 hp. Porsche 988 will resemble the current 918.

Rumors that the Germans from Porsche are going to launch on the market a RWD supercar  able to compete with Ferrari and McLaren supercars are getting closer to the truth.

Autocar say that the Porsche 988 project is already growing. Although the Germans at Porsche factory sports cars from the beginning of life, the current lineup consists of Boxster, Cayman, 911 and 918 will be added soon.

Porsche 988 is a model strategically placed over Porsche 911 but under Porsche 918 hybrid hypercar. Apparently new model will be called the Porsche 988 and will be a mid-engined sports car, originally sold in a coupe body after the spider.



Britains from Autocar magazine say that the future supercar will have under the hood a boxer engine with eight pistons supercharged by 4 turbos. It will have a capacity of 4 liters and develops an output of about 610 hp and 542 Nm of torque, more than the nearly 570 horsepower of Italian model Ferrari 458.

Same as direct rivals that wants to have in the viewfinder, the new Porsche 988 will have a central engine, two-seat, rear-wheel drive only and will have no hybrid, but pure gasoline propulsion.

The exterior design will be a hybrid model similar to the 918 and it seems that will be about the same size, but with minor changes on the outside to emphasize individual aesthetics.

Porsche did not mention official details, but the launch of a model positioned below 918 is extremely feasible. Especially those from Porsche have about reached saturation in six piston engines, as proof booth and the latest issues you have the 911 GT3 with its 3.8 liter engine. So an 8-cylinder boxer powerplant seems a good solution, especially as it promises to be launched in 2017 on that new supercar.

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