Skoda customize your Fabia with your picture

Gossips say that Škoda Fabia segment is too serious for them to stop talking. Program of Czechs customization is here!

Škoda Fabia customize what you want tuŠkoda Photo personalize your picture Fabia what you want

Škoda Czechs understand that the role of a subcompact car is not (any longer) to be confined to small and to do a good job – although they would be basic requirements – but must also include fun element, unconventional, whereby customers can say “Look at what I did I look like.”

Here comes MyShop program Škoda Fabia and that customers can customize their car Fabia Combi.

All you have to do is to enter the dedicated website and choose the color of their car dashboard can then either choose one of abstract images which suggests the manufacturer or to upload their own photos, on they will receive in the form of foil sticker cut so that it fits tightly into the right side of the dashboard of their car.

Once you pay the 25 € and once take possession accessories, customers can be fitted to film themselves or can call an authorized Škoda assembly.
For now, the program is only available for Germany and the Czech Republic, but official sources confirmed his presence for customers in Romania in the near future.

Now all you have to do is tell us how you customize your ride. It can also be an image with text only – eg “Do not talk to the driver.” We expect your suggestions (photo).

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