Talladega S8 by MTM is the perfect alternative for Audi RS8

Audi does`t plan to ever add an “R” next to the logo “S8”, the German tuner MTM so we decided to create a replacement for RS8, where there are customers willing it.

Talladega is perfect suppléant S8 MTM Audi S8 RS8MTM Talladega is perfect for Audi RS8 suppléant

While Audi resistance test our power play as Prologue concept car tuner MTM offers its customers willing to offer luxury limousines and Supersport hard to overlook.

“Offering” is called S8 Talladega and direct reference to the record for all-wheel drive car driver Bobby Unser which has set a 5000 Audi Quattro Turbo CS – set an average speed of 332.88 km Flow / h and a speed maximum of 350 km / h. In 1986.
Turning to today’s A8, MTM climbed 4.0 liter V8 engine power from 520 hp to 760 hp, while torque of 650 Nm jumped to 954 Newton meters. Not only do they compete, as figures of power, class rivals, but it may look ugly and Lamborghini Aventador if you want.

Excess muscle considerably cut the time required sprint 0-100 km / h. Talladega S8 reach by MTM percent in 3.48 seconds, exceeding 200 km / h in just 10.51 seconds.

The maximum speed is also the league of supercars, electronically limited to 325 km / h – only prevents the tires to follow in his 5000 CS.

According to Roland Mayer (Motoren Technik Mayer founder) “configuration for speed shift Nardo circuit, exceeding the speed of 350 km / h is not hampered.”


“Hello, boss! We go to the airplane or go directly to the destination drive? ”
Starting from € 125,000 purchase price of an S8, MTM also asks you € 35,000 for surplus power, and another 6,300 euros for 21 inch rims Bimoto (shod with Michelin Pilot Super Sport 295/30).


Configuring air suspension (and adding a new module) costs € 2.200 yourself. And carbon fiber elements, another 15,000 €.

In total, about € 184,000 for one of the 25 copies S8 Talladega. How does offer MTM?

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