Mignon Indian Tata received an upgrade from JA Motorsport which puts him in terms of power supplied, along with a Golf GTI Performance package.



And in terms of price both are on the same level ..


Although not enjoyed the expected success in Europe, this does not mean that Tata did not value the little urban car Nano (Nano version you heard a knocking at the price Veneno? Exactly, Lamborghini Veneno).



And Indians are planning to produce Pixel and take by surprise – if it be possible that – world with him.

Until then, let’s look at this Super-Nano with 233 horsepower.
As reported by the Indian Autos Blog from Super-Nano is the project of JA Motorsport boys (dealing normally with the production machines formula) and JA Motorsport boys take things seriously as possible. Changes were, therefore, some serious.


Embossed exterior kit, alloy wheels – 13-inch slick shod with MRF ZLO – behind which they hide disc brakes from AP Racing, interior with roll-bar, board of carbon fiber Recaro bucket seats … yeah, so are serious changes. And it does not end here.

Two-cylinder engine, 624 cc, was replaced by a 1.3-liter L4 (where before it was placed in the back seat) turbo that produces 233 horsepower and revs to 10,000 rpm.


It reaches the wheels through a six-speed sequential box. We know that it is time sprint from 0-100 km / h, but that car is standard with all facilities, 630 pounds should help us to make an opinion on the power / mass. Maximum speed is coming, and it’s 200 km / h.

To see a Nano that the circuit would give serious headaches European hot hatch market is impressive.

And, how impressive is this aspect as it is discouraging is the price: about € 32,000. We take the Golf GTi, if I had to choose …

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