The first Formula 1 car of Ayrton Senna is for sale

Have you heard of Ayrton Senna, right? You know, that Senna who managed to be so good at driving that is recognized by all Formula 1 fans as one of the best pilots in history. Well now you can buy seater which led to the success of Brazilian driver.

The first Formula 1 car of Ayrton Senna is for sale.

Seater which marked the beginning of Ayrton Senna in Formula 1 racing is now for sale. More specifically, the race car chassis number 5 Toleman TG183B – which Senna won his first points in Grand Circus in 1984 – can be yours.
The car in question was built specially for Brazilian legend and was used by Senna in 1984 in the Brazilian Grand Prix, Grand Prix of South Africa, the Belgian Grand Prix and the Grand Prix of San Marino.
Then, single user was removed from the competition circuit and a passionate sold in the United States, where it was completely restored in the 90s.
Now seater 1983/4 TG183B Toleman Hart Turbo engine is original and is selling in the UK.

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