Top 5 things to check before you go on holiday with your car!

There are not few who go this summer with the car in a long journey either by land or by abroad. And if you care about your safety and your family, if you do not have unpleasant surprises in the countryside, here’s what you need to check your car before you get this put on the road.


1. Tire pressure.

First thing to be checked before you go on the road is the tire pressure. You can check it yourself by using a gauge pressure of each wheel, or you can go at a gas station. If somehow you travel by car loaded, we need to adjust the pressure according to the load.


Do not forget to look on the sticker on the car that you indicate pole optimal pressure for your model car. And necessarily,  do not forget to check the state of the spare tire, so that the state of swelling, as well as balancing. You do not want to have tire problem in a foreign country and do not have a spare tire inflated and well balanced!

2. Liquids level.

Even if your car is up to date with revisions, it does not hurt to throw an eye on all fluids from the engine. Check the engine oil level, oil level for automatic gearbox, the engine coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid and even windshield fluid. Make sure they are all at the maximum indicated by the tank and you do not have major leak at any.


Does not hurt to have with you many a spare bottle of each, but if you don’t have enough space, it is best to leave home with the car set up. Look in the owner’s manual and make sure that you fill with fluid indicated by the manufacturer only!

3. Lights.

A very important thing to check is the status of the lights. First, because if somehow you wake up in a civilized country like Germany, Austria and Switzerland with a bulb burned the police catch you, you may end up with fines.




So it does not hurt to lose 5 minute check of all exterior lights. Check headlights position, and the long beam to go well, taillights, brake lights, illuminating the license plate, signaling and damage.

We recommend you to have two headlamp bulbs as reserve… not to burn one to be seen by any police officer to give you a big fine for such cheap piece…

4. Battery.

Car battery must also be checked. Unfortunately, the car battery is a pretty demanding track that you can leave without any warning, when your least expected. Especially if you have a big enough back length. One can check with a digital multimeter very easily. Check the battery voltage when the car is stopped and check the voltage when the engine is running, to see if the alternator is charging.



Ask a friend to rev the engine in place while you check if the voltage increases with speed. In addition, if somewhat battery under the hood has a blank check the color and make sure it is green color tells you that the battery is in good condition.

5. Verification of documents.

Last thing you want when you get to the border is to be turned back because you do not have the correct papers. So make sure you own the car registration, valid insurance, road vignette, the daily technical inspection, and other documents required by any country: Green Card vignette road, etc..



Do not forget to have a mandate on your behalf, if the car you want to leave the country does not have documents in your name so that you can demonstrate that you have the right to leave the country with which car you’re driving.

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