Toyota Mirai: the first model series from the creators hydrogen cell Prius

Japanese manufacturer Toyota has launched in Japan its first production model with cell propulsion system with hydrogen, called Mirai.


New Toyota Mirai will arrive in the United States but also in Europe Toyota Mirai: the first model series from the creators hydrogen cell PriusuluiToyota Mirai: the first model series from the creators hydrogen cell Prius.

This is Toyota Mirai, the first production car with cell propulsion system with hydrogen from the manufacturer which launched in 1997 Prius hybrid. And as you can see, the Japanese have relied on a rather futuristic design for four-door sedan that just removing water vapor from its tailpipe.



A design that has barely changed at all to the concept FCV announced in 2013. Mirai, which in Japanese means future, was released today on the Japanese market, following the United States and Europe to become markets until 2016.


But even if the model was named the series, it’s only a few hundred copies from the beginning. Specifically, 400 in Japan and 300 in the world in the first year.

These figures reveal that, again, very poor infrastructure hydrogen distribution at this time there are only a few dozen gas stations worldwide, mostly in the US state of California.


This is one of the reasons that Hyundai and Honda and a low their models hydrogen cell. If Toyota Mirai, propulsion system is composed of two compressed hydrogen tanks that can store enough fuel for a range of between 400 and 700 km.

Hydrogen is sent to the fuel cell, where it combines with oxygen in the ambient air and, as a result of a chemical reaction occurs that goes to power an electric motor.


According to Toyota, a full recharge takes about five minutes, and the electricity produced by the car could theoretically supply a house for a week.

The Japanese gave no other details about the technical data of the machine, but Yoshikazu Tanaka, deputy chief engineer of the department of future vehicles from Toyota, has insisted that Mirai “accelerate fast enough for 40 to 70 km / h” .


The starting price in Japan, will be approximately US $ 58,000 before taxes and subsidies from the state.

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