Tuning Audi: Vilner operates inside the new RS6 Avant few subtle retouches

Perfection is in the details, says an old and wise word that Bulgarians from Vilner seem to apply in most cases.


Including the present one, which brings forward a copy Audi RS6 Avant.

Unlike the last two creations coming out of the gates tuning company from South of the Danube, the newest project bearing the signature specialist Vilner is without any improvement at the outside.



And this just makes us happy, Audi RS6 Avant site at the base of the plant still receiving all the necessary elements and features a remarkable design, which is very close to the ultimate perfection.

What surprises us with privre the last creation of the tuning company  is the adjustment in the interior or, better said, the lack thereof ….


Audi engineers have been paid and this mission successfully, the classic combination of black and white RS6 Avant proposed copy met in this case being enough to satisfy nearly all preferences.

Apparently Vilner including those of experts, the only interventions made here Bulgarians consisting of a roof covered in suede and a pair of belts finished in a contrasting blue.



Total atypical, huh? How about you but if I say that surprises continue with a performance kit, which climbs maximum values of V8 bi-turbo four liters currently on duty up to 700 hp and 889 Nm?

It would have been nice if company officials tuning south of the Danube would have revealed and results from this last treatment, but not by a long shot.



Therefore, we want to remind you that a stock copy of the German super-break can boast both an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.9 seconds and a maximum speed of up to 305 kilometers per hour .

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