Tuning for the fashionable:  Mercedes CLS gold matte!


What happens when you combine matte shade of gold paint on one of the best looking cars of the moment? IT!

The big four-door coupe Mercedes-Benz CLS remains indisputable star in auto life-style, especially when talking about top CLS 63 AMG version, which in addition to the 557 hp kit raises with an aesthetically look designed to make the car more aggressive.


Well, everyone agrees that providing to the latest Mercedes CLS  the paint (or matte film) increase the wow look, edges of the body being revealed even more. And if a CLS gold paint, we are not far from the idea of ​​ingot on four wheels, is not it?

But what happens if you do a combination of these two treatments? Well, is out an amazing model, no more and no less, “dressed” in a gold foil-mat called Matte Gold Bond by producer Tatez Design.


Oh, and do not forget about the “shoes” matte bronze finish and measures 20 inches, with racing design.

The car looks amazing in our opinion, but what you think?

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