Tuning hip-hop style for the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Americans from MC Customs made the new S-Class car that every singer of hip-hop or rap would like a garage. I’ll tell you why below.


Sixth-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the same as previous models, a conservative statement on four wheels. But, as you probably already know, there are people in this world who want to stand out.


If it were not such people, there would be no tuning many studios worldwide. Now that we have established on the ground play, the scene can invite people from MC Customs, which made the new S-Class a motorized dream for all (well, not all, but almost all) singers rap or hip -hop.

German sedan received a widening body kit, new spoilers, a redesigned radiator grille and large wheels.




Very large (and white). Under the hood, the car remained unscathed, but in the end it does not matter what’s in there, as long as the eyes of the passersby are thrown over the details of the exterior extravagant.

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