Volkswagen could enter in Formula 1!

Success great rival Mercedes-Benz in Formula 1, but especially how they knew the Germans from Stuttgart to manage the marketing related to motorsport, prompting the Volkswagen Group to start preparing for an eventual participation in Formula 1.


Volkswagen could enter Formula 1 with one of its brands, and participation could take place even in season 2016 if heads the group will receive an impetus to that in the study conducted by Stefano Domenicali was “team principal” of Ferrari who was hired this year Audi brand group, to see how feasible is a participation in the Grand Circus.
Brands Volkswagen motorsport participate in many competitions, but Audi could leave full of laurels 24H endurance racing and competition would require at least a similar level.



How Porsche will certainly be the flagship of the Volkswagen Group and other 24H LeMans racing endurance competitions, Audi only stayed for involvement in Formula 1.

This would require, however, participation own brand and not just as engine supplier or technology, according to sources quoted by the BBC.

In addition, the Volkswagen brand is now present in Formula 3, where they beat Mercedes-Benz and Audi not …

Volkswagen and Audi there is already present in Formula 3, with very good results.
Volkswagen to Grand Circus interest was encouraged by the success registered global marketing of rival Daimler group, which belongs to the new world champion, Mercedes AMG Petronas.
But VW Group entry in F1 is not an easy process, depending on possible changes to the company or to the sport.

Ferdinand Piech, VW Group Chief Executive Officer and manager of commercial rights of F1, Bernie Ecclestone, has a strained relationship for a long time. Thus, at least one of them should leave their position before Volkswagen to join F1.
Volkswagen Group is currently involved in several sports programs: Porsche and Audi World Endurance Championship with Audi in the German Touring Car Championship (DTM) and Volkswagen in the World Rally Championship and Formula 3, the latter providing engines.

Clearly, entry into F1 would require focusing of resources at the expense of one of these competitions

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